Rules of the website

I. Basic rules

  1. The User is obliged to comply with: the website regulations, general terms of use, regulations for: uploading photos (including videos and avatars), the chat, webcams and the forum.
  2. Violation of the rules and regulations results in a temporary restriction on the website functionality (ban) imposed by the moderator.
  3. Moderators treat all users equally.
    1. Moderators - Fotka Team (FT), Fotka Friends (FF), Chat Friends, Forum and Webcams are also obliged to comply with the regulations, rules and regulations of individual sections of the website. Apart from a temporary restriction, violations result in a temporary or permanent revocation of access rights.
  4. The content added by the User must not violate the provisions of the regulations, rules and the Polish law*.
  5. Every User is allowed to have a maximum of 3 accounts on the website. They are not allowed to create fake accounts.
  6. The User is obliged to give their real gender and age on their profile.
  7. To be able to start new threads, the User must have at least one photo in accordance with the regulations, i.e. with a clearly visible face.
  8. Fotka Team reserves the right to change the stated provisions.
  9. The User is not allowed to create an account with a vulgar (Polish, Latin, English), offensive login.

  The login cannot contain:

  • content that may be considered advertising*
  • blunt vulgarisms or their hidden versions,
  • suggestive content: sexual activities, sponsorship,
  • nor can it offend religious feelings.

* Exceptions are special profiles and, with FT's prior consent, selected accounts of famous people.

These accounts may contain photos and descriptions that may differ from the provisions of the regulations and rules, but must not break the provisions of the Polish law.

II. Who is who

Moderator –functions as a security guard, maintains order on the website and ensures that the users comply with the rules.

Global Moderator (GM) – maintains contact between Moderators and the Fotka Team, examines complaints regarding Moderators and regarding temporary bans in given sections of the website. The GM holds the FF status.

Fotka Friend (FF) – a User who helps other Users to familiarize themselves with the Fotka website, maintains the quality and credibility of the photos, videos, descriptions and comments added. Selected Fotka Friends act as a Global Moderator in a section, where they have the most contribution. The login of these Users is marked with a gray Fotka logo.

HelpDesk/Contact – members from the Fotka Team responsible for maintaining contact with the User and Moderators, examining complaints about Moderators, temporary restrictions in individual sections of the website, and complaints related to the operation of the website:

Fotka Team (FT) – persons who manage and run the Website. Their login is marked with a blue Fotka logo.

III. Rules for posting comments

These rules apply to verbal content added under photos and videos.


Comments – written/verbal and graphic content that each User can post as an opinion on their own or someone else's profile under a selected photo/video.

The user can delete a comment added by themselves or by a third party on their own profile at any time.
In the case of adding a comment on someone else's profile, its removal is possible within 15 minutes from the moment of accepting the activity.

The user is not allowed to post comments that are offensive*, vulgar, considered spam or advertising. They can be removed by the moderator, which is followed by a temporary restriction on the option of adding them.

* The following examples of sentences are not considered offensive content: you are ugly, you look terrible, disgusting, I don't like you, etc. – it is just someone else's opinion.

1. Every User is allowed to have a maximum of 3 accounts on the website. They are not allowed to create fake accounts.
2. The User is obliged to give their real gender and age in the profile.
3. The user is not allowed to create accounts with vulgar/OFFENSIVE (INCLUDING THE ONES IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE) logins.

Furthermore, the login may not contain:

  • content that is considered advertising (exceptions are special profiles and, with FT's prior consent, selected accounts of famous people)
  • suggestive content: sexual activities, sponsorship
  • nor can it offend religious feelings.

2. Captions for photos and videos

Caption – verbal content that can be added by the user under their photos or videos.
The user is not allowed to add content that contains vulgarisms, offenses on the grounds of religious feelings, someone else's dignity, advertising links (promoting profit-making activities, competing websites), profiles of other Users, etc. Such captions are deleted.

IV. Description, website address, other information visible in the profile

  1. Description – a place on the User's profile where they can add any content.
  2. Website address – a website address of somebody's own website; it may contain a link to Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  3. Information visible in the profile: information that allows the user to stand out, describe their appearance, interests, etc.
  4. Advertisements (added without prior consent from and offensive or vulgar content is removed, and a temporary restriction is imposed on the function of adding content.

V. Bans on uploading photos, videos, backgrounds, comments, avatars imposed in the case of adding illegal materials/verbal content.

  1. temporary, gradually increased depending on the frequency of offenses (may result in permanent blocking of the profile) - possible duration of the ban on uploading photos: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days (a month),
  2. permanent blocking of the account in the case of: no verification* (confirmation of the authenticity of the content posted), advertising (without prior consent from, spam and pornography, multiple violations of the applicable rules.

VI. Private messages

  1. The moderators and the service of the website do not interfere with the content of private messages. The only exception are automatic spam detecting systems.
  2. In some cases, we may also consider a massive number of links to groups/accounts/competitions/etc. to be spam.
  3. The system that checks messages for spam imposes restrictions on the function of writing messages gradually. The restriction may be imposed temporarily on PMs (private messages) and logging in, or permanently on the entire account.
  4. Accounts that send out sponsorships, pornography, conduct extortion, fraud or advertising (and have not acquired consent from to advertise) are imposed a permanent restriction.

VII. Star Package and gifts

  1. Star Package/Star – a period of time with purchased access to the Star Club: It gives the User access to additional services:, e.g. the User can give another User one or more gifts.
  2. Gifts – a series of graphic images divided into categories that a User who has been gifted can see on their profile and in a private message. Gifts belonging to the “negative” category are also visible on the User's avatar for 24 hours.
  3. Gifts are also visible to other users visiting their profile. This option can be turned off in the settings:
  4. You can add wishes to the gift, which will be visible in a private message. Negative gifts can be removed by FF/FT.
  5. A holder of the Star Package can:
    • send 7 gifts a week,
    • after using the available number of gifts, exchange the days left in the Star Club for additional gifts,
    • remove a negative gift at any time.

VIII. Forum

  1. Each forum section has its own regulations and every User must comply with them
  2. Moderators:


    b) Global Moderator:

IX. Chat

  1. Each chat room has its own regulations, known as netiquette.
  2. Every User must comply with the provisions of the regulations:,REGULAMIN_-_062018 and the rules applicable to each chat room.
  3. Moderators:


    b) Global Moderators:

X. Webcams

  1. Every User is obliged to comply with the regulations (netiquette) of webcams:,NETYKIETA_-_noweliza
  2. Moderators:
    1. a)

    2. b) Global Moderators:

XI. Prohibited programs (bots)

The user is not allowed to use any programs and bots that are not a part of; this applies to voting bots, programs for viewing profiles, posting comments, inviting friends, and sending private messages. Using the abovementioned programs is considered an attack on the website. The exception are programs that use the official API of the The website may temporarily/permanently block the option to log in.

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