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Fotka Love Story

Learn the romantic stories of people who have found their other half on Fotka

Karolina i Michał

Karolina and Michał exchanged messages for several weeks before they decided to meet up. Karolina asked a friend to accompany her to the first meeting. The three of them met in a park, and when Karolina noticed that Michał was a nice guy, she nicely asked her friend to leave...

Ania i Kamil

Their story began in the summer of 2013. Ania has told us that it had taken them a while but they finally got together. Discover their version of the Fotka Love Story. We should start by saying that Kamil is sometimes superstitious, which is why the day...

Marta i Radek

They are the couple who have been together for the shortest time among our Fotka Love Stories described so far. Their story is proof that a quiet friendship can turn into a beautiful romance....

About Fotka

Fotka dating site is more than just online dating! It g is the first Polish social network that has been connecting people for 21 years and proves every day that it is possible to find love online :) f The site creates a community of people who love to meet new friends. By dating on Fotka, thousands of people have met each other and many new relationships and friendships have been formed. You can find out about the online love stories born on Fotka in the “Fotka LoveStory” section.

Fotka is a state-of-the-art online platform for making new friends while having fun for c mężczyzn men and b women. All singles will find something for themselves here. When you join Fotka, you automatically become part of our community of people from all over the world who are looking for a good time! a

Looking for a girlfriend? Looking for a boyfriend? Fotka is the place for you :)

Online dating and meeting new people is the most important objective of the site, but Fotka offers so much more! With webcams, you can watch j and broadcast, chat via private messages i and make your decisions regarding users who have stolen your heart. Is that not enough? Send and receive virtual gifts h and reward your favourite Creators with Tips. The intuitive use of the site makes it easy to start new conversations or comment on photos.

Fotka is the quickest and easiest way to make new friends in your area. d If you are looking for your other half or just new friends, Fotka is here for you!

Create e a free account, meet people in your area, make new friends, talk, stream, chat, flirt and above all... have fun!

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