Webcam Netiquette

I. Kicks, bans and other access restrictions:

By breaking the rules listed in point III, the User may be imposed a:

KICK – the Moderator asks the User to leave the chat room – it is a kind of warning against a temporary access restriction (ban). Before the User returns to the room, they should change their behavior. In the event of a more serious offense, the Moderator may impose a ban in the form of a kick without prior warning.

BAN – temporary restriction of access to Webcams both as the sender and the viewer – the duration of the restriction is gradual and it increases with every breach of the rules stated in the netiquette (possible ban durations –1 h, 3 h, 6 h, 24 h, 36 h, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days). During its duration the User does not have access to any Webcam rooms.

PERMANENT RESTRICTION – in the case of particularly serious netiquette violations – the account on the website is completely blocked.

PERMBAN – repeated and persistent breaching of the netiquette or acting to the detriment of the website may result in a restriction on the use of webcams in such a way that each visit to the webcam results in the account being blocked.

Each of the abovementioned restrictions may be imposed immediately after breaking the rules of the netiquette and up to 48 hours from its occurrence on the basis of a correct screenshot described in point IV.1. sent to the moderator.

Pursuant to the provisions of Art. 18 of the Regulations, bans and restrictions may be applied to all accounts of the User simultaneously.

II. Who is who?

< span>Global Moderator – maintains contact between Moderators and the Fotka Team, examines complaints regarding Moderators and temporary bans on Webcams.
Contact: woland, zua, nimrodel

Moderator – functions as a security guard, maintains order on the website and ensures that the users comply with the rules applicable to webcams on the website. The current list of moderators with their availability can be found at:

HelpDesk – examines complaints regarding Moderators, temporary restrictions on Webcams, and the functioning of the website.

Moderators are appointed by the Administrator on the basis of reports and subjective evaluation. Recruitment announcements for the role of a moderator can be found on the Forum under pinned topics.

III. What you can get a kick/temporary restriction/permanent restriction for:

  1. Activities contrary to applicable law, in particular the use of fascist phrases; propagation of: Nazism, totalitarian systems, anti-Semitism, racism; insults based on gender, color, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion and disability; offending national minorities or religious feelings; persuasion to commit suicide or a crime – (ban/permanent blocking of the account)
  2. Exposing in front of the webcam and showing/touching intimate parts of the body (crotch, breasts, etc.), sexual acts, masturbation – (ban for at least 7 days/permanent blocking of the account – if a User is under 18 years old or their account has been established up to 7 days prior, their accounts is blocked), aiming the camera only at the crotch, exposed torso, cleavage – (kick/ban).
  3. Playing or presenting pornographic content (ban for at least 7 days/permanent blocking of the account)
  4. Playing movies and TV programs (the User is not allowed to play movies if they do not hold the right to publish and distribute them) – (ban)
  5. Acting out violent scenes (including self-harm) – (ban)
  6. Insulting/offending other Users (including hidden insults, offensive presuppositions, insults at family, relatives) – (kick/ban)
  7. Flooding – sending an excessive number of characters in one line or at short intervals (ban for at least 7 days) and spamming, i.e. persistent typing of the same or similar sentences, links, emoticons, etc. in the chat window – (kick/ban)
  8. Urging the chat room owner to expose themselves to pornographic acts – (ban)
  9. Provoking a quarrel, creating an unpleasant atmosphere; persuading other users to break the regulations, netiquette or act to the detriment of other users or the website – (kick / ban)
  10. Sharing contact details (addresses, phone numbers, logins/IM numbers, etc.; your own or somebody else's) – (kick/ban)
  11. Posting a vulgar/provocative broadcast status (e.g. with a suggestion of the sender exposing themselves) – (kick/ban)
  12. Extorting and offering any benefits in exchange for certain behavior – (ban)
  13. Advertising other websites/portals, including a presentation of their content during a broadcast (does not apply to your own account on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram), requests for casting votes in contests – (kick/ban)
  14. Sharing your account with third parties in order to broadcast a program (including participation in the broadcast of a person who had received the so-called permban – (ban)
  15. Using only CAPS LOCK/SHIFT is considered yelling – (kick/ban)
  16. Lying about your age and saying that you are younger/older in order to enter a broadcast intended for persons under 18 years old/over 18 years old – (ban)
  17. Presenting conversations with other Users, moderators, FF and FT – even if their avatars/logins are hidden (ban), presenting profiles of other Users, rebroadcasting programs/Skype sessions/phone calls, etc. of other Users (kick/ban)
  18. Pretending to be a moderator/using their avatars/identifiers – (ban)
  19. Deliberate upload of photos that breach the Regulations for the purpose of using the webcam chat (lack of photos in the profile disables the option of using the webcam chat) – (ban for at least 24 hours). If the actions above are performed repetitively, the account is permanently blocked.

Additional information:

The user should comply with every remark of the moderator, which is supported by the provisions of the regulations and netiquette. (non-compliance is penalized with a kick – ban). When broadcasting is performed by several persons, the owner of the chat room (account) is responsible for everyone’s behavior on the webcam. Frequent violations of the regulations/netiquette and ignoring the instructions of the FT/FF/Moderators at may result in permanent blocking of the account. The reason and duration of the temporary block are displayed in the notifications immediately after the block is imposed.

IV. Complaints and reports

  • Reports of rule/etiquette violations should be submitted in accordance with Article 14 of the Service Regulations.
  • Users have the right to appeal the decision of the Moderator, in accordance with Article 15 of the Service Regulations.
  • The provisions of this document do not diminish the rights of Users provided for in Articles 14 and 15 of the Regulations. Complaint/Appeal

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