Forum rules

1§ Definitions

  1. Topic – user's thread started at the forum on order to open the discussion / exchange views
  2. Post – statement on a given topic at the Forum.
  3. Signature (affixture) – User's short text (e.g. a sentence) displayed each time under the User's post (go to settings of your account to set your signature: )
  4. FotkaTeam (FT) – Site's employees (programmers, customer service department, marketing, etc.)
  5. Global Moderator (GM) - FF whose function is to look after the Forum (Bujajacawoblokachh, Mruczyslaw)
  6. Fotka Friend (FF) – Users who, thanks to their knowledge on the Site's functionalities, help other Users get to know the place better, and who make sure that the Rules and Regulations are not infringed. Full list of FFs is available at:
  7. Forum Friend (PF) – Users who are responsible for moderating the Forum. Full list of PFs is available at:
  8. Ban – temporary blocking the possibility of making statements on the forum. Depending on the scale of offense, the ban can be imposed for: 1h, 3h, 6h, 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, a month. Notorious breaching the Rules and Regulations can result in full blocking of the account. Please remember that the ban is a type of blocking imposed on the User, not on the account (i.e. It is not allowed to make statements on the forum by using a second profile of the User during the blocking from another of the User's accounts).
  9. Off topic (OT) – User's statement concerning an unconnected topic.
  10. Spam – topics / posts containing intrusive content e.g. advertisements.

2§ General provisions

  1. These Rules define terms of behaviour at the Forum
  2. An integral part of these Rules are:
    • Rules and Regulations of Site
    • Additional guidelines to Forum Rules included in the terms and conditions of each section.

3§ Rules of holding discussions at the Forum

In order to ensure nice atmosphere during your discussions, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not attack / offend / make fun of another User – you have the right to express your opinions but you are not allowed to offend / laugh at anybody because of the difference of opinions.
  2. Do not post on the Forum any photos of other Users (especially photos which may ridicule or offend the person they show), links to the profiles of other Users of the Site or screenshots from private conversations (PC), including the conversations with FT / GM / FF / PF.
  3. Regardless of whether you are a catholic, Muslim, Buddhist or atheist – we do not tolerate attacking other religions, faith or religious symbols.
  4. Regardless of your sexual orientation and views on this topic, make sure to respect the fact that at the Forum there may be people whose orientation is different.
  5. It is absolutely forbidden to promote erotic content (with the exception of the section devoted to the discussions on problems with sex*), fascist, racist, communist, Nazi or anti-Semitic content.
  6. Topics should be opened in relevant sections. (In case of placing the topic in a wrong section, FT / GM / FF / PF has the right to transfer the topic to the right section).
  7. Before you start a new topic, make sure that there is no such topic already opened at the Forum ('doubled' topics are closed).
  8. Try not to write short posts consisting of only a few words – develop your statement so that everyone can understand what you mean.
  9. Do not lower the discussion level by divagating or discussing a few plots in one topic (so-called OT).
  10. Do not give your personal data (email address, phone number, address etc.) for your own safety – you never know who may use them without your knowledge.
  11. GM / FF / PF keep monitoring Forum discussions. If you witness inappropriate behaviour, report it to the Moderator in a private message.
  12. If you think that the Moderator has made a mistake, please contact GM of the Forum.

4§ Language accuracy

  1. We value high quality of communication.
  2. Using Polish diacritic signs (ę, ą, ś, ć etc.) is not required but please remember that using them speaks about you.
  3. Do not modify the font (style / colour / volume) if it is not necessary.
  4. When adding a new topic or post, please remember:
    • Do not use vulgarisms
    • Use correct orthography,
    • Use punctuation marks: full stops, commas, etc.,
    • Use a built-in browser dictionary which underlines words with incorrect spelling; do not ignore underlined words, correct mistakes.

5§ Advertisement

  1. Any attempts at using the Forum as free advertisement platform are forbidden.
  2. It is allowed to paste links to non-commercial sites if they are to help anther User solve a problem (after the User has described the problem) or links to charity websites (e.g. Siepomaga, Pajacyk, Caritas, PCK etc.).

6§ Final provisions

  1. FT / GM / FF / PF has the right to close the topic if it breaches the Forum rules or it does not bring any value to the Forum.
  2. FT / GM / FF / PF has the right to delete a post if it if it breaches the Forum rules or it does not bring any value to the Forum.
  3. FT / GM / FF / PF has the right to change the title of the topic if it breaches the Forum rules.
  4. Failure to comply with the provisions of these Rules results in a warning or a ban, and in case of their inefficiency – in full blocking of the account.
  5. In cases not covered by these Rules, it is required to follow the guidelines of FT / GM / FF / PF.
  6. The Site reserves the right to change the Rules.
  7. The Rules are effective as of the day of their publication on the Forum.
  8. The provisions of this document do not detract from the rights of Users provided for in Articles 14 and 15 of the Regulations.

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