Chat Netiquette

I. Introduction

The following Netiquette defines the rules for the use and functioning of the chat on the website. Every User is obliged to read the Netiquette and the Website Regulations and comply with their provisions. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt anyone from compliance.

II. Who is who?

Chat Friend - chat Moderator of, who watches over all rooms. They serve as a good example of how to behave. They try to create a nice atmosphere. They reprimand and restrict access to some of the functions if somebody breaks the rules of the portal.
List of Chat Friends:

Global Moderator - watch and supervisor of Chat Friends. They hold the status of Fotka Friend, which enables them to precisely verify the actions of their pupils. They consider complaints, the validity of restrained access, and also appoint members of the Chat Friends staff. List of Global Moderators:

Administrator - an employee of (Fotka Team), who supervises the work of all moderators. They also deal with technical matters of the chat. They approve or revoke the decisions of subordinates. Their opinion is final and their decisions are not subject to discussion.

The rest of Fotka Friends (FF) and Fotka Team (FT) are not obliged to participate in the chat life and to respond to user requests regarding the chat. They intervene voluntarily in the event of violation of the Regulations and Netiquette. Helpdesk welcomes any comments regarding the Chat Friends' work:

III. Definitions

  1. Kick - if the User receives this type of reminder, they are asked to leave the chat. Kick is a warning against a temporary access restriction (ban) or a gag. Before you return to the chat room, think your behavior through.
  2. Gag - it mutes the User in the main window in a given chat room. After receiving the gag, the User is allowed to send only private messages. The gag lasts until the server is restarted or until it is removed by the Moderator who imposed it.
  3. Ban - a temporary chat access restriction. During its duration, the User does not have access to any chat room. The duration of the restriction depends on the offense and the history of previous restrictions. It can be applied to all accounts of a given User simultaneously. The Moderator has the right to ban any subsequent account, on which the User enters the chat within the duration of the restriction. These reminders and restrictions do not have to be applied in the above order. In the event of a more serious offense, the Moderator may impose a ban without prior warning. They also have the right to impose penalties if they think that the penalties will benefit the atmosphere in the chat

    Warning! In the event of frequent violations of the Regulations by the User and repeated restrictions received, the Global Moderator has the right to ban the User's participation in the chat life (the so-called permban). Such a person is not allowed to enter the chat for a certain period of time. Breaking the ban or repeated violations of the Regulations after a conditional revocation of the permban may result in its extension or an indefinite ban on entering the chat. Important! Persons whose permban has been conditionally lifted are allowed to have only one account on for a period of 6 months after the decision has been made. This account must be reported to the Global Moderator.
  4. flood – sending excessive numbers of characters in one line or at short intervals
  5. spam – persistent typing in the main chat window of the same or similar sentences, links, emoticons, etc.

IV. What you can get a penalty for

  1. Provoking an argument.
  2. Swearing/insulting. An intentional censoring of curses, not completing them or hiding them by inserting different characters, changing letters, writing in another language, etc. is also forbidden.
  3. Vulgar/offensive login (no change within 24 hours is penalized with a blocked account).
  4. Creating a hostile atmosphere.
  5. Use of illegible texts and forms of expression, e.g. PoKeMoN writing; Using text generators; using a bright colorful font; making intentional spelling mistakes; splitting a message into several separate lines.
  6. Writing only IN CAPITAL LETTERS (it is considered yelling).
  7. Flooding and spamming.
  8. Advertising websites and linking someone else's (or persistent linking of your own) profiles and broadcasts on
  9. Acts contrary to applicable law (in particular the use of fascist phrases; the propagation of Nazism, anti-Semitism; football hooliganism; insulting on grounds of sex, sexual orientation, religion and disability; insulting national minorities or offending religious feelings).
  10. Spreading pornography; offering or asking for top-up; extortion; offering sexual services and sponsorship. Conversations about sex are allowed only in chat rooms devoted to such topics (available for adults), but the offerings mentioned above are still forbidden.
  11. Using two different accounts to enter one or multiple chat rooms.
  12. Disclosing your own or somebody else's personal data and contact details.
  13. Editing screenshots and sharing conversations between you and FT/FF with the Moderators and other Users.
  14. Sharing profiles and photos of another User with somebody else.
  15. Giving third persons access to your account (additionally resulting in a blocked account).
  16. Lying about your age and saying that you are younger/older in order to enter different chat rooms; entering chat rooms for adults by persons under 18.
  17. Pretending to be the Moderator/FF/FT.
  18. Having a photo that is pornographic or using a photo of another User as an avatar.
  19. Uploading photos that breach the Regulations for the purpose of using the chat, and setting an avatar in substitution for a valid profile picture. Lack of photos in the profile disables the option of using the chat (it is penalized with a ban for a minimum of 24 h; in extreme cases the account is blocked).
  20. Posting links to webpages/groups/forums etc. with a purpose of spreading offensive and false content that infringes the good name of the Moderators and Users (penalized with a blocked account). Spreading the content of the aforementioned websites is also forbidden.

The chat is a Polish chat, therefore the conversations are to be conducted in Polish. Speakers of foreign languages that do not speak our language or find it difficult to use it, are allowed to conduct conversations in their native language (we require the use of Latin script). Polish Users are allowed to have conversations with foreign language speakers in the given foreign language. We ask Polish citizens to communicate in Polish (otherwise you will be muted in the chat room main window).

Important! Conversations in private chats are not moderated (while being monitored for content that is inconsistent with the provisions of the Regulations or the law). The User can block an intrusive person they are talking to by adding them to the Black List, if needed.

The Moderator can make an exception and ban the User for the content of a private chat in the following cases:

  • when offers of sexual services are sent to persons under the age of 18,
  • when spam is sent in bulk,
  • when the Moderator gets insulted.
  • when the competences or decisions of the Moderator are challenged in a vulgar/offensive manner

Any attempt to insult FT/FF or the Moderator, as well as public challenging of their competences or the validity of the penalties imposed, will result in an absolute and long-term ban.

Documented sharing (also outside the portal) of confidential information, intended only for use of the FT/FF and the Moderators, will be penalized by blocking all accounts of the User and a permban on the chat (additionally applicable to FF and Moderators).

V. Rules applicable to each room

Main Room: Intended for persons from the age of 16.

Sex Room: Intended for persons from the age of 18.

VI. The duration of the ban

  • Temporary bans: 1 hours, 3 hours, 6 hours, 1 day, 36 hours, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 1 month.
  • Permban is imposed for a minimum duration of 3 months, and in extreme cases it is imposed indefinitely.
  • Permanent blocking of the account is imposed for repeated or gross violation of the Regulations.

VII. Claims and complaints

The provisions of this document shall not prejudice the rights of Users provided for in Articles 14 and 15 of the Regulations.

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