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  18 June 2013 (pierwszy post)

Jak wyżej, chciałabym aby praca była jak najbardziej poprawna więc jeśli ktoś mógłby sprawdzić i poprawić błędy to byłabym wdzięczna :)

In today's world borders more and more often fade away between the private life and professional. For them more all the bigger responsible job probability that a given person will be devoting more time to the issues associated with the work, neglecting personal and family cases in the process. Therefore is important in order to learn to set distinct limits between these two areas of the life. In my opinion the balance should be kept nowadays.

What is more, it is adverselying affect our organism and the psyche, we are having time for the relaxation which is being transferred into the high of the stress too little noticeable at employees, much a work output is dropping to it an adverse impact is pursuing overloading with the work to our physical health. When we are lacking the time for the rest headaches can appear, of the spine and muscles, and in the more distant prospect also major diseases.

I think that my job isn't bad. I work on the company for the compensations. I work when I want because I don't have precise working hours. I can underwrite one documents but I can write a lot of this. I don't have a time only when I must be in the instruction. Usually instruction takes place in another city. However I have a lot of free time which I can spend with my family and my friends. I can study, learn, listen to music, train and do many other things. I think that everyone should have work that does not interfere with their personal.As seen in my case balance between work and life mostly isn't difficult what I wish to everyone.

To sum up, independently of our work we must remember us to be able clearly to separate private matters and professional and to hold on to this once set limit. Of no checking the official email outside working hours, of picking the company phone call up during the Sunday trip with the family, of using the free time for catching up at the work. Of more time for the relaxation and pleasure and the time spent mainly with the family and friends, a move and physical exercises plus appropriate expenses are a key to preserving the appropriate balance between the work and the leisure time.

Dyskusja na ten temat została zakończona lub też od 30 dni nikt nie brał udziału w dyskusji w tym wątku.