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  3 May 2011 (pierwszy post)
In today’s times addiction was standing very popular amind yought and amind adult. We increasingly see the pe ople with cigarette, of ten hear, that drunker driver jostle someone. We should prevent such situations. Is help with every man's task is in need. Adding then needing person, because he can’t get around with problems. How to help? What we can make for these pe ople? In my paper I will try to reflects a few ways.
Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes this addictions which attack the million people on whole world.
If we will not begin with them fighting, world stand dirty and bad. The first stage to struggle with addict is conversation. We should explain he, that his conduct isn’t only bad for him alone, but and he state emergency for another. He must understand, that taking drugs or drinking alcohol, he harm their family and friends. Someone should show him right way. Addict shouldn’t feel loneliness and helplessness.
The second way is help the doctor, expert, conversation with him, but really then, when person dependent on express desire altering of it’s life on better. I think, that good psychologist or expert from treatment dependence can many make to help someone go out from addict.
Except common conversations about bad results addicts and work over psyche addict, we should take care about his degree physical, often visit the doctor and examine change in organism, which engender condiment. People don’t know how dangerous can be alcohol, drugs and cigarettes for life.
It’s many people, who waiting for help. They don’t know what to make with theirs bad habits.
I think, that we shouldn’t be indifferent, but to help them in order to world be better and safe.

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