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  30 November 2010 (pierwszy post)

Hej :)
Bylabym wdzięczna gdyby ktoś sprawdził mi czy jest to poprawnie napisane i czy pytania są dobrze sformułowane.
Z góry dziękuje ;-*

1.The picture shows a young woman. I think she is 18 years old. She is running on the beach because I can see a lot of sand and beautiful sea. In my opinion she is on the sports camp at the sea maybe at the Baltic Sea and maybe she has training. She is wearing sport clothes - t-shirt, shorts and sport shoes. She is smiling so i think that she very likes sport and this make her happy. The weather is wonderful because the sun is shining.

Pyt1. What do you think why this girl runs?
Pyt2. Do you like Sport?

The picture shows three people - two tourists and one guide. They are in the history museum because I can see a lot of exhibits and inventions around them. One of tourists looks like a foreigner, I think he is Indian. He is wearing bright shirt, and bright pants. On head he has red band. In my opinion he wants to know other cultures. Visit in the museum makes they happy because they seem to be interested in what a guide says to them. I thing this is their best kind of entertainment.

Pyt1. Why they decided to go to the museum?
Pyt2. Do you like go to vthe museum?

The picture shows two people - the middle aged woman and the young boy, they are in the doctor gabinet. The woman looks like a doctor because she is wearing a medical apron and she is holding a stethoscope. Boy is wearing blue t-shirt and white undershirt. The woman finished examine a boy, and now she is giving him listen to his heart beats. The boy is smiling so I think that he isn't afraid of a doctor , although he is small. The woman is smiling so I quess that this job make her happy. General atmosphere is very positive.

Pyt1. Why the boy came to the doctor?
Pyt2. How you take care of your health?

The picture shows a man who looks like a scientist. Probably he is in the lab or chemistry class. He is wearing a white apron and shirt with bow tie. In his hands I can see an experiment maybe this is acid. In my opininion he is leading a chemistry lesson because in the background on the blackboard I can see a lot of different chemistry formulas. On his face I can see a big smile so I think that this job make his happy.

Pyt.1 In your opinion this job is fascinated for him? Why/ Why not?
Pyt2. What kind of a person should a scientist be? Why ?

Jeżeli ktos ma jakiś pomysł co mogłabym jeszcze dopisac do brazka to z góry dziękuje :)
Pozdrawiam ;)

-I know u want me baby, I think I want u too..
-I think I love u baby..
-I think I love u too.. :zakochany:.

  4 December 2010

do tego pierwszego podaj kolor tych ubrań:P

Dyskusja na ten temat została zakończona lub też od 30 dni nikt nie brał udziału w dyskusji w tym wątku.