18 maja 2010 (pierwszy post)

1.We don't went to the beach yesterday because the weather was bad.
Rooney scored in the final minute of the match and everyone cheered!
Last summer Jan completed in the tennis championships and she won!
A player kicked Sam and he had to go off.
My dad played basketball every weekend when he was a teenager.

2. When you learned to swim?
How many scored goals in the match ?
Who sailed round the world with his best friend ?
Why he didn't enter the competition ?
Where they had the volleyball championships last year ?

1 When we arrived at the café, Ben was waiting
______________ (wait) for us outside.
2 We didnt play football this morning because it
___________was rainging(rain).
3 While we were driving home, we ___________were seed_
(see) an accident.
4 Everyone was chatting when the teacher
____was camed(come) in.
5 I cooked dinner while they ______________were watching
(watch) the Boat Race on TV.

1 A lot of schoolchildren in the UK ___________
A go B play C do
2 They ____________ karate when they were
very young.
A went B played C did
3 My best friend ____________ surfing in
California next month.
A is going B is playing C is doing
4 A lot of people at my gym ____________
A go B play C do
5 Ive never ____________ golf.
A gone B played C done
1b 2c 3c 4a 5b

a w tym moglby mi ktos pomoc:

1 The ____________ only took two minutes!
2 The ____________ watched the match in the
3 Cars sometimes ____________ in Formula 1
4 Did his boat ____________ in the Atlantic
during the competition?
5 The crowd didnt ____________ at the end of
the game.

(cheer, sink, race, spectators, crash)

  18 maja 2010
Konto usunięte
Konto usunięte: a w tym moglby mi ktos pomoc:

Zrób, możemy sprawdzić. Na gotowe nie czekaj.
Dyskusja na ten temat została zakończona lub też od 30 dni nikt nie brał udziału w dyskusji w tym wątku.