15 listopada 2009 (pierwszy post)

The worst experience in my life happened [of the] last winter, when [one day with sister] we decided to go [to Łódź for the shopping].
The weather [heralded] quite well itself. Ine the morning, after breakfast we went [to the Łódź] by minibus. When we [rubbed] to a shopping centre [in the sky started clouding over]. We weren't upset [by since we were busy with shopping] . We managed to buy the majority of things for [whihement(?) however we didn't buy certain thing because it wasn't]. I was very dissatisfied with this reason therefore I hit [upon an idea in order for cheering up to go to the cinema still because up to the evening for us quite a lot of time stayed] (jakoś trzeba też to zdanie rozbić na kilka krótszych..:( ) We chose the film with [not] much [appealded] to us [since had it to be] comedy and wasn't funny at all. Yet we were pleased [from the departure] but only up to the certain moment. When we left the cinema it turned out takt [it's] snowing and outide [is got frezzing]. We decided to get back home since [a] darkness started [becomning]. After reaching to the [stop] it turned out that the minibus had just gone away and [will be] next only in 30 minutes. We had no other choice, it was necessary to wait. It was getting more and more dark and more [coldly]. The next minibus didn't arrive and there was already [very much a cold] for us. Peple started departing from the stop and we stayed alone. [ Very much we were afraid] since around [peeped] people started appearing.
Suddenly the sister shouted "the minibus is going!" We [got] the minibus on and we came back to Stryków.
[This one of my worst experiences wes in my life] We were cold and in addition [later I was ill. yet we recognised imitated the shopping, however] I don't recall taht day well.

Dyskusja na ten temat została zakończona lub też od 30 dni nikt nie brał udziału w dyskusji w tym wątku.