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  26 September 2009 (pierwszy post)

Jest ktoś tak miły kto mogłby mi sprawdzic błędy chodzi o to czy dobrze uzyłam czasów i o te rózne rzedrostki np "from Zakopane " Opowiadanie o mojej najfajniejszej podrózy

Six years ago on holiday I was a young girl and I went with my family from Zakopane.
?the winter capital of Poland?. What happened seemed to be a nightmare but now I'm laughing at that situation. On first day my parents and I took a bus from Kraków to zakopane. The weather was ugly. It was cloudy and windy. It was a long bus ride riddled with slowing due to traffic and constuction. I slept for a while on the bus and when I woke up I didn?t seen my parents!
I was afraid that the would quickly forget about me. I started cry. Suddenly it has stepped up someone and asked me what?s happened.
Why are you crying?
I losed my parents!!
-haha! They are going on station on the shop. They will return right now. And then for this words seen my parents and I was verry happy! From then on I was very nice to my parenst.
Fortunately the rest of the day turned out to be very pleasant.
When we were in Zakopane we decided to go up the fernicular to the top of the cosest mountain gubałowka. We were climbing up to the for breathin in fresh air. It was a very nice view from the top. We walked around a bit at the top and then played litlle air hockey. Then we hiked down and got rained on sonne but we had come prepard with raine jackets so it wasn?t to bad. We won?t come back to hotel-before it?s dark ?said my father, bud after suddenly he decided to spent a night in the forest near Nowy Sącz. It was really cold, it was proper because I like extreme adventures. I allude these holiday very nice I would repeat it!

Wiem to nie jest fajne, ale to zmyślilam:)

  26 September 2009

to Zakopane

Dyskusja na ten temat została zakończona lub też od 30 dni nikt nie brał udziału w dyskusji w tym wątku.