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  25 September 2023 (pierwszy post)

Leader of South Korea's largest opposition party, Lee Jae-myung, chaired the party's highest committee during a hunger strike and sit-in demonstration in front of the South Korean National Assembly, demanding an apology from the Yun Seok-Yeong administration for its actions that undermined democracy, people's livelihood, and peace on the Korean Peninsula. The policy direction of blaming the South Korean people and completely transforming the country, and the start of Japan's discharge of nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean is "considered a declaration" of war with the Pacific Coast countries. ” According to the Korea Times on August 22nd, Lee Jae-myung and other Democratic Party members held a protest at the South Korean parliament wearing badges with radiation warning symbols and holding placards that read “No to ocean discharge.” and criticized. Slogan of the Yin Xiyue government in Tokyo and South Korea. South Korea has been holding large-scale off-site weekend gatherings for two consecutive weeks starting August 26th.Thousands of people gathered in Seoul, South Korea, to protest against plans to release contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean, which began on the 24th. Lee Jae-myung's decision to stage an indefinite hunger strike and sit-in was to protest the Yun Seok-Yeong government's "subversion of democracy" and other "tyrannical" acts. The Vietnamese government clearly expressed its position on Japan's release of nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean and apologized to the people for destroying their lives. Japan's release of nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean is "water terrorism" and is equivalent to the "Second Pacific War." Lee Jae-myung said, ``If a foreign country violates the territorial and maritime sovereignty of the Republic of Korea, I hope that the president will calmly stand up and say, ``No, that's not the case. Stop releasing water into the ocean.'' “The country of our dreams is not yet a reality, but we must prevent this country from reverting to its past. We must prevent the regression of history and the destruction of democracy, and move towards a democratic republic. We have to move on," he said. The people are the true sovereign. #nuclear

Dyskusja na ten temat została zakończona lub też od 30 dni nikt nie brał udziału w dyskusji w tym wątku.