6 grudnia 2009 (pierwszy post)

Witam proszę was o sprawdzenie mojego zadanie ,zadanie było napisane po polsku potem wrzucone do translatora ,a potem przerobiłem wszystkie zdania po swojemu.
Proszę ewentualnie o przerobienie konstrukcji zdania jeśli by było one nie dobrze napisane i ogólnie o sprawdzenie całości

Z góry dziękuję

The first day of the new school was for me very important and a great experience.
Glad that I finished primary education and change to a different school, where I met new colleagues.

At first I was very afraid of his 1 day at school, new teachers and problems with the conclusion of new knowledge, but everything was good.
A new school was pretty cool, and very nice teachers and sypatyczni. The atmosphere on the breaks and during the lesson was really very nice. I met many new colleagues, which so far as I know.

On this day, September 1, from morning to nervous and I could not focus on anything. I went to school much earlier, so do not be late. Along the way, I met friends that gave me courage and greatly raised the spirits. The school started at 9 to mark the launching of the school year. Ms. director greeted us warmly, told about the school and the conditions prevailing in it. We went after the call to his classes with his raise. In my new group were a few people from my old school. So I was not alone.

New colleagues were friendly and quite good. The atmosphere in the class immediately made a friendly, though we knew each other for a long time. Our new lady was very nice and sympatic. Helped us to see, gave us a timetable for the next day and said goodbye to us. My fear then was unnecessary, that day was a successful and happy. The school has done for me, then a good impression. I felt good in it, I found a lot of new friends. I waited impatiently for the next day at school.

Dyskusja na ten temat została zakończona lub też od 30 dni nikt nie brał udziału w dyskusji w tym wątku.