14 września 2009 (pierwszy post)

Czy mógłby mi ktoś to sprawdzić?

In my country the most popular style is a metal style. This style appeared about 1980. Fans of metal music don't have any ideology. It is a peculiar group of people. People in my country say that they praise a devil and satan, but it is not a true. Fun of metal music tolerance other subcultures.
They always wear a black clothes. In this subculture very popular is leather jacket, leather trousers (with a big black beld) and t-shirts with a name of favourite band or t-shirt with skeleton. They wear glans and they have a rucksuck, which look like a knuckle. On this rucksack they have many stripe and hobnails. They have a long, black hair and they don't wear a make up.
They love to listen to the heavy metal. Text of heavy metal's songs talk about evil, satan. Their favourite band is Metallica, Iron Maiden, or Judas Priest. They are a big fans of this bands. Fans of metal music love concerts, so in their free time they are going on the metal's concert. They love concert, because they like to have a contact with band and they always having fun. The most popular gathering is Metalmania in Katowice or Woodstock in Kostrzyn. On this gathering is so much people!

Z góry dziękuję. :)

  15 września 2009

Zmien poczatek na: In my country the most popular music style is metal. This style appeared in 1980's.

i zamiast "always having fun" napisz "always have fun"

i zamiast "on this gathering is so much poeple" napisz "There is much people gathering."

A jak ci nauczyciel powie ze źle to powiedz mu ze ma sie pocałować w :P

Dyskusja na ten temat została zakończona lub też od 30 dni nikt nie brał udziału w dyskusji w tym wątku.